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Originally Posted by CUFC_Viking View Post
I'd rather we'd tried to make do this year and then use that first rounder (either in position or via trade) to get someone in the draft if necessary, or at least wait for the offseason when the price on half decent QBs will have dropped somewhat.
When you look at what you had to give up to get a QB this year in the draft, and what the Titans wanted for the number 2 pick last year from the Eagles, unless we absolutely tanked under Hill that first wouldn't have been much use to try and get a QB in my opinion.

Price for Bradford is high, but with roster built as it is, and presumably legitimate concerns over Teddy for 2017, I'm pretty happy with the trade. Gives us a chance this year, and covers us for next year if Teddy struggles.

I've always thought Bradford is better than most anyway - he seems to be judged harshly because he earned a lot of money due to rookie pay scale, and has missed time with injury.
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