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[quote author=Hail Mary link=board=1;threadid=11240;start=0#msg244030 date=1118764741]
What are your hopes for this season AZ?

as long as we keep improving i will be happy, .500 would be ok but a 9-7 record would be great for us and show we have turned the corner a bit.

i think our rookies will have to step and start in a few places our OL has been upgraded and our second year players will be better. Boldin & Shipp fit from the start of the year will be a massive plus (fingers crossed).

We have not lost anyone of real note and got a few upgrades in starting roles ie Okefor, Griffith, Warner (OL is the Q there is suppose) etc.

as ED has said our secondary is suspect but if Rolle steps up first year it will be a decent year i think!

like i say, we are not world beaters but its looking better then most off seasons and as long as we improve i will be know what they say....the new Cardinals Stadium wasnt built in a day

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