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Originally Posted by CHRISLEONG View Post
Fortunately we got through the yellow zone security quickly but we got in about 5.30 as most were inside already but can see it would be bad during the peak rush. With the building work funnelling and closure of the righthand ramp is going to cause issues.
Was bad when leaving after the game. Took 40 minutes just to get to Fulton Way.

Learnt lesson and will rather walk long way round to the tube than endure Olympic Way.

The absolute bright spot for us was after getting home and watching Russell Wilson's post game interview and within 2 minutes of it being over, knowing his cap was in my son's hand and now is taking pride of place in the front room. Tops getting hold of AP's gloves from last year or Josh Norman's from the year before that.
Some nice kit you have bagged their!!!

We left on the 2 min warning and almost got up Olympic way before being stopped right by the station. Friendly security staff said we were literally the first people they had stopped. We waited for all of five mins and were on our way. I was back at my hotel near Bank at around 10.00pm
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