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We still have less than half the teams in the league who have given up a home game - and that's including the Cardinals from Mexico 2005. Most of those who haven't already clearly don't want to and won't unless forced. A lot of those are teams who will never host a Super Bowl (Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New England, Baltimore etc) unless there is a radical rethink on that. Once we get the Raiders, Rams and Chargers into their new homes in the next 2 years or so, there are no new stadiums on the horizon. Given only one team hosts the Super Bowl each year, that suggests we are going to have a real shortage of 'home' teams for IS games - certainly not enough for 4 per year or whatever. So they will either need to come up with some way to force teams into it or look to move onto the next stage of a franchise or let it decline.

I reckon the Panthers might have an obligation under the terms of the sale, at least once. The Bengals could probably be persuaded what with their poor attendances. There will always be the Jags. But it's not getting to 3-4 games per year plus 1 in Mexico.
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