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Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post
I was happy but shocked when they over turned the punt but the call on the field was a total guess as the official couldn't see anything so seems the re-officiated the play,Blandino on twitter was for staying but Gene on CBS was over rule so it was a toss-up.

the OT could have easily followed what happened in the early game if the Chiefs could cover JE11 or Gronk on 3rd downs or get a pass rush,its not like the old days where you just kick a FG to win.

now its a 2 week wait to the superbowl then 7 months till real football begins again.

which would be against the rules, it pretty clear, the ruling on the field is golden unless there is clear evidence to overturn.

in real time it looked like he touched it without a doubt, the replay made it really fuzzy and i have no idea if he did or didnt.

but in the situation you describe both sides would of had the same chance.
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