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Originally Posted by UKcardinalsfan View Post
I do agree with the core Kolb sentiments there. I'm not saying he is the answer necessarily and he is Whiz's fault, just pointing towards his performances were on an upward trajectory and we'd be a comfy bunch.

Still not sure dumping Whiz is the answer right now. But that's not saying I'd be disappointed if he got fired on Monday.

Heap......disappointment, nice idea, nobody can deny.

Skelton starts Sunday 'QB that gives us the best chance to win', but he wasn't at any point during last Sundays game....

This is a testing season amongst any Cardinals fans books!
Totally agree, his performances were everything we needed early in the year. He simply cant be relied upon from a health standpoint. I dont like expecting his to go down and leave another season in ruins.

Heap, it was worth a shot, however he did nothing last year, and has been unfit throughout his stay here. It just seems a strange point to ditch him so late.

Skeltons confidence is going to be fragile. All our QBs confidence will be shot to bits, or has been at some point this year. Its a shame. At least Browner will be out this week.
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