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Dalton ran the option/read at TCU and was very successful (1600 yards rushing or something like that), you don't need to bring in a guy just to run it. Nor do you waste a roster spot on a sub-package Quarterback, even Miami didn't do that with Pat White and they'd wasted a 2nd round pick on him.

He's a bit of a project; fast, has a live arm. One of those players where the sum of the parts is fewer than the individual parts. He's untapped really, came into a bad situation at the Bucs and was 0-5 with a bad team, new HC came in and drafted Freeman in the 1st round, he went to 49ers with Harbaugh who coached him in college, but was stuck behind Smith/Kaepernick and then went to the Browns too late in the season to really show anything or learn the offense entirely.

Not worried about Tate, a 1-year contract doesn't affect draft strategy nor does it guarantee a roster spot. I don't like him either but 13th/18th best PR/KR average shows that he's by no means the worst guy in the world. He's another option, we currently have 4 receivers locked in; Green, Sanu, Hawkins, Jones - they've already hinted at drafting one at some point which leaves you with one more roster spot for Tate/Whalen/Sanzenbacher/Others to fight for. I wouldn't pencil him in just yet.

Cap situation is still healthy as it doesn't account for the fact we can cut Wharton, Allen & Clements at any time, those three account for $10m-$15m.
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