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[quote author=seahawks_fan_james link=board=8;threadid=15643;start=510#msg439462 date=1141927644]
interesting read,

like you say some people look for different things from wrestling, i take it you enjoy the high flying/high risk manoevers.

i am much more of a fan of the whole package, big names and surroundings, much more of a major league feel.
it just grates me when people slate the wwe due to the fact they feel that they have to or they will be thought of as less of a fan.

if you read any wrestling message board (lordsofpain,prowrestling) if one person makes a comment theres always 10 people responding saying the original poster is wrong.
I have never understood why this seems so prevalent with wrestling as opposed to other sports :-\

I have been to a lot of wrestling events, mainly wwe in this country and in the states and i always see the same sort of 'internet people' while i'm there.
They always seem to spend more money to get ringside seats and spend the whole time telling anyone who will listen about how much better it would be if it was a sabu v rob van dam main event, and how much better the independent show they went to the week before was.
i just think why do they bother, if your going to a show enjoy it, dont spend all your time picking matches apart because a rest hold was 10 seconds too long or triple H took too long to cover his opponent.

btw, i went to the raw show in sheffield this year, where were you sat? i was at the back as i waited to get some cheap tickets off ebay. £15 for 2 x £20 tickets ;D



I'm more into the mat-based, chain wrestling style and Japanese Puroresu but I like to see a diverse set of styles in a promotion or at a show.

I can appreciate the fact that you prefer the whole major league feel that WWE has over other smaller promotions. I can relate to your dislike of people slating WWE just because they think it's the cool and hip thing to do because it annoys me when WWE fans slate independent promotions when they've seen next to nothing of their product or what their workers can do.

I stay away from online wrestling message boards. They are always full of negative comments and people trying to one up everyone else to look clever, which is a bit of a waste of time IMHO.

I know what you mean about the " internet people " you mentioned that you see at wrestling shows. The whole point of going to a show is to enjoy it, no matter what the promotion is - not just sit there moaning about how poor it is and how it'd be so much better if they brought this guy in, or pushed so and so, or put the belt on such and such.

I've been to several shows in the last last few months - both independent and promoted by WWE and I've enjoyed them all for what they were and got into the spirit of things whether that means cheering on Batista in Sheffield just before Survivor Series or jaw-jacking with Steve Corino at ringside at an indie show!
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