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Definately NOT the best night in Super bash terms. The awards was a good idea but definately please choose your hosts a little better NFLUK very poor choice of commentators/hosts. Also the Scarletz would of been ok if you had something other than the cheerleaders (the best act of the night) as an act, as i think people felt let down.
Seating has always been a problem and would suggest that if people cannot get seats in the allocated area then at least have some foldable ones spare for the rest of us as otherwise this forces some to leave early. This year i noticed no cheerleaders going round taking pics with anyone (unless i missed this) and definately a good idea from previous years having the ladies selling the hotdogs etc. Must say the food has definately improved this year quality wise but maybe not price wise but didnt feel that bad this year at least considering it was of better quality.

Overall not a bad Super bash but NOT the best!
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