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Had a real good night at Superbash last night and want to thank once again, Phillies and BillBates for helping sort me out with tickets, cheers guys, you're both legends !

I also met up with another legend, no, not Tiki Barber, I'm talking about ..... Syborg !

Your enthusiasm for American Football and the fun you have with it is something else. I would have liked to have had time to talk some more, but found the cheer leaders a distraction - for all the right reasons .... I thought they put on a great show.

I didn't go a lot on The Scarlets, but I get the feeling I'm not alone on that one, and I expect the gig is one they wont forget in a hurry !!

I was a bit concerned the game itself was going to be a blow out the way much of the first half went, so was pleased the Steelers were able to get back in it during the second half, producing a close game that went down to the wire. Congrats to Aaron Rogers and team for the Packers win.

Lastly, Thanks to NFLUK and staff for putting this event on. Clearly a lot of time and effort goes in to it, and sure your not going to please everyone, but on the whole I think a fantastic jobis done, I think it's important that we have these flagship events, so long may it continue.

The only regret I have from last night was that I did not follow Syborgs lead by switching my drink from Coors to pepsi from half time. I don't know how many beers I had (it all seemed fine at the time !), but I do know that I didn't want my head this morning !!

Hope all that went last night had a good time and got back home in piece,

'till next time ......

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