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Originally Posted by Steve_H View Post
Unrestricted Gamepass would be great of course, from a lot of peoples personal perspectives if they subscribe to S/Sports for the NFL and nothing else. But will GP really be the way forward for the NFL to be available here until broadband in this country is good enough everywhere that everyone who would want it could have it?.

On the other side of the coin many people don't want SKY either. This game will never catch on here, we've been at it for 30 years, it's still niche, it still gets tiny viewing figures and always will - it's a niche product and market that needs a niche solution.

I get the BB point but we can't be dictated to by SKY forever, and if you want to live in the sticks and enjoy the p and q and the beauty there's gonna be drawbacks, just as there are benefits from urban living and downsides too.

The deal runs out this season, and it's time to move on.
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