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Originally Posted by E7_Cowboy View Post
I doubt we would re sign him for anything above $4m a year, given the market for RBs and his obvious durability concerns and his age...

I expect Randle to have more snaps behind his O-line to see what he can do.

If the o-line (especially the interior), is as good as we think it is, the loss of Murray wouldn't be a massive blow.. look at how average RBs have run behind good o-lines and produced massive numbers in the last few years.

My obvious concern is moving Zac Martin to RT... This has been touted consistently - but he has looked so good in run blocking so far... so wouldn't want to lose that.
I see your point, especially about the OL, but I think they'd stretch to a bit more than $4m/yr. If that's their stance then he's as good as gone.

Agree about Zach Martin too. I've been thinking that since they drafted him. In the draft process he sometimes struggled with speed on the outside, but he's perfect on the inside. The fact they tried to trade a 2015 2nd round pick to the Panthers to move back into the 3rd round for Trai Turner (OG, LSU), shows they want to add to that OL. I'd sooner we took a RT high in the 2015 draft if the plan is to move on from Doug Free, and leave Martin at RG.

Back to Murray though, if he runs for 1700 yds and 10 TD's, they have to try to keep him. You might find RB's in the draft who can gain yards, but if we bring in a young QB any time soon you need a veteran RB to block/help him.
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