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Originally Posted by GreekinCowboy View Post
He really needs to be consistent - two seasons, no injuries, stellar performance. He's already missed more games in 3 seasons than Emmitt Smith did his whole Cowboys career.

I'm also still bothered by the attitude I saw last season, and the year before. It may be a confidence thing due to the injuries, but too often he would dip out of the extra yards, or the hard yards, in order to avoid the hit.

I'm just not convinced he's still the real deal for us. Yes he's put up the numbers in two games, but have you seen the holes he's been getting?
I know the OL have played well, but I think it's doing Murray a disservice if we think most RB's could be as productive as he has so far.

I agree, the health and consistency has to be proven, but I think people are going too far the wrong way when they talk about how de-valued the RB position has become. He isn't Shady McCoy when it comes to being a threat out of the backfield, but he gains the hard yards.

As long as his contract demands aren't too outlandish then I think he stays.
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