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WHAT THE?! What happened to the 'he's facing a suspension' discount? A 1 year deal for $13.1m?! Ok, $11.3m of that is in 'incentives' apparently, but still, considering his situation, that is far from cheap.

2 things for me:

1) (if the alleged 'assault' took place) It clearly shows that winning is all that matters. Forget Garrett saying players need to be 'the right kind of guy' to play for the Cowboys, forget the Cowboys doing charitable work in the community (I would say in relation to domestic abuse, but I don't know if they do). This move goes against the grain, it's win at all cost.

2) How did they fit a potential $13m cap hit into our salary cap? Does this mean Romo is being restructured? Carr taking a pay cut? Dez's new contract being back loaded? What's the long term cost of adding Hardy for 1 year?

Yes, we all want to win, but this to me is Jerry having one last say. This is pushing the chips into the middle of the table. Jerry wants to win with Romo, and his best chance is 2015.
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