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Originally Posted by RichardCunliffe View Post
Here's a police statement from an article on Fox Sports:

“I, the undersigned, find that there is probable cause to believe that on or about the date of the offense shown [May 13, 2014] and in the county named above [Mecklenburg County, North Carolina] the defendant named above [Hardy] unlawfully and willingly did assault [redacted], a female person, by GRABBING VICTIM AND THROWING TO THE FLOOR, THROWING INTO A BATHTUB, SLAMMING HER AGAINST A FUTON, AND STRANGLING HER. The defendant is a male person and was at least 18 years of age when the assault occurred.”

Hmmm, doesn't sound great does it.
No I agree it doesnt sound great and if was proven should have been punished by the law.

If charges have now been dropped for whatever reason though surely thats the end to it but the NFL will probably make up a punishment for bringing it into disrepute or whatever the wording it puts on it.

Again I dont agree in any way shape or form for what he is allegedly supposed to have done but I bring up again that I follow him from a purely sporting standpoint and what he can bring to the cowboys.

If he is suspended he wont be bringing much to the team though.

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