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Originally Posted by PMurphy81 View Post
No I agree it doesnt sound great and if was proven should have been punished by the law.

If charges have now been dropped for whatever reason though surely thats the end to it but the NFL will probably make up a punishment for bringing it into disrepute or whatever the wording it puts on it.

Again I dont agree in any way shape or form for what he is allegedly supposed to have done but I bring up again that I follow him from a purely sporting standpoint.
He was charged, but then wanted to challenge it in a court hearing. He has every right to, but I think we are all being naïve if we believe some sort of 'out of court settlement' wasn't involved in the accuser disappearing off the face of the earth.

I think some fans (not aimed at you) are taking the fact he wasn't punished by the law as some sort of excuse to brush what happened under the carpet and roll on towards the Superbowl oblivious to his actions.

For me, I can't do that. It could be seen as contradictory as other players have had criminal issues in the past. My defence is I can only oppose signings, once they are with us I have to live with it, I don't have to like it, just accept it for what it is.

I think my bigger issue is with all sports. The sliding scale of talent vs crime is way out of wack. It's a sad fact of life, Greg Hardy can earn $13m a year after an 'assault'. If it was a run of the mill veteran, he'd be on the street and probably find his career in taters.
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