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Originally Posted by PMurphy81 View Post
I would be in that camp of brushing it under the carpet as to me sports is following the shirt and team. Individuals come and go but the team stays (well not all the time in American sports) so its all about the winning for me.
I get your point about if it was a veteran they would be finished but the business side dictates that if the cowboys win a superbowl and pay him the 13mill and get some bad PR then its probably a small price to pay. But the question is still there if Hardy has not been found guilty of a crime why should he not play?
I completely understand that view point, but as I said, his wealth has basically allowed him to sidestep the issue.

No doubt he adds to our pass rush though, with training camp and his suspension he should be able to shake off the rust and be raring to go when he returns.

Talk is he'll be the RDE. I have an issue with that too (no surprise eh?! ). Lawrence showed good strides to me at RDE when he started last season. Now we are moving him over to the other side and he'll be starting all over again. Then what happens if Hardy is a 1 year deal and doesn't return? We move Lawrence back over to the RDE? So he'll be in his 3rd season by then and won't have settled on a position yet!

Obviously that's a long way off and something to see further down the line. As it stands we have Hardy/Mincey at RDE, and Lawrence/Gardner? at LDE. That's a good rotation for waves of pass rush.
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