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Originally Posted by equinoxx View Post
Aren't the Super Bowl, SNF and MNF sold as separate packages, though?
I think there's concept of an FTA package which the NFL wishes to place on terrestrial as a shop window for the sport. So the Super Bowl as it's biggest brand and live or highlights of the Wembley games are seen as the main things for this.
But there is a strong desire to keep a weekly live game FTA as well, for the last 15+ years, at various points SNF and/or MNF on C4 and C5. ESPNuk took the MNF at one point which subsequently led to the BBC ending up showing it last minute on the red button once they dropped it. Now it's found a regular place on Sky, SNF is still the game of choice to get the student/bleary eyed parent of young children/shiftworker/time shifted viewers engaged.

It's only since 2013 that the whole FTA package was with one terrestrial broadcaster. That happened in the early 2000's on Channel 5 but was split up in between that time. But if Channel 4 doesn't want it and Channel 5/ITV have other commitments then you're running out of options so probably makes sense to lump it in with the Super Bowl as part of the deal.

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