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There aren't any fixed "packages" of rights for the UK market.
NFLUK will go with what they believe to be the best options available to them, for as much programming as they can get scheduled.

Clearly it's a policy of NFLUK to keep Live NFL on a major FTA channel, along with other support programming where they can.

Given the long-term deal with Sky which gives them exclusivity on the Playoffs and Sunday 18:00 and 21:00 regular season games, what's left amounts to SNF, Wembley games, the Superbowl, Live Radio, plus highlights and other support programming.

Overall (though not perfect - some issues with "on-demand"), C4 did a great job with the TV (and related) parts of this IMHO.

As to whether C4 "dropped" the NFL, or whether NFLUK went with what they considered to be a better option available from the BBC, we'll just have to wait and see. the politics and behind-the-scenes shenanigans can get a bit murky in these situations.

Personally, I wouldn't count my chickens here - assuming C4 are'nt jumping the gun when they stated the NFL would be on the BBC, I'll be pretty surprised if the BBC are willing to match C4's level of coverage on the TV, streaming, and on-demand side - it would also be a major coup pulled off by NFLUK if they did.

In short, I'll believe the BBC will cover it to near-enough the same levels as C4 have in recent years when I see it.... Until proved otherwise, we're still quite possibly in a "cobble together whatever we can at the last minute" scenario like last time....

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