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We are better than I thought we would be. The offence for the most part has been simply superb. Palmer has played lights out. I honestly think he has been playing at a higher level than even Warner did for us. I expect him to complete every pass, that's how good he is playing. We have a plethora of weapons at WR and RB, and the line is doing a fairly decent job. Even at TE feels has done an ok job, certainly better than we have had at the position in a long time.

The back end of the D has been excellent, so many play makers. We literally have 2, heck even 2 1/2 if you count Mathieu, sets of starting safeties. PP21 has been very good again, good to see him back at high level.

The front 3 have done an ok job, but I must say, other than that Rams game, I was hoping for more form Campbell. Gunter has done so superbly well for a small school rookie at nose.

Now, the major problem, and likely the stumbling block that will stop us from beating a very good offence, the LBs. Inside we have been ok, especially against the run, but we have no pass rush, we can't get to the QB, and it is costing us. This is the only area I am actually worried about.

We are 4-2, quite frankly, it should be 6-0. It is a bit concerning that in the 2 close games we have had opportunities to drive and take the lead with very little time on the clock, and we have blown it. On both occasions the play-calling was shocking. Throwing on all 4 downs (3 of them when only needing 2 yards for a first down) against the Rams with over 2 mins left, inside the 40, and only needing a FG. Then against the Steelers, again about 2 mins left, on the 20, plenty of time to move slowly, run some ball, throw short passes underneath, yet go for it all into double coverage.

We are good enough to win a Superbowl, but we need to manage the game, even restrain ourselves when games are on the line at the end. We also MUST find something at OLB, we need to get to the QB or we have no shot.
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