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Agree we are in desperate need of as tackle. I am not sure about re-signing Okung he "knows what he is worth and wont accept anything less" implies to be he is going to sign the best contract for him. That will take up a lot of cap space for someone with a good chance of spending much of the season on IR.

Gilliam was signed as Okung's back-up and switched to RT when Britt moved to guard. I don't see a problem with getting an RT and switching Gilliam to LT if that is the best available.

I was hoping we would get Mitchell Schwartz but he has gone to the chiefs. (He played LT at college so either could have made the switch)

Kelvin Beachum is a possible but there has to be concerns with his ACL.

While we could trade up on the draft that isn't out style we go the other way. Bruce Irvin was our last 1st round pick and even then we traded down from 12th to 15th. More likely is we trade our first round pick for a tackle currently under contract and that could be anyone. (Though it didn't work with Harvin and Graham was a disappointment up until the point he got injured).

The best solution is to find a 7th round pick / UFA that takes the NFL by storm. They way keeps our cap space intact.
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