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Originally Posted by DeanE153 View Post
I usually just pick one game to attend each year, as we go in a group of 3 or 4 we usually have to see which weekend is best for everyone rather than picking a game but this year its an easy decision

The experience is usually good although I have never been to Twickenham.

We usually make a weekend of it when we go and they usually dedicate a pub to each of the teams playing the night before - which are usually the Green Man and the finery - I thought this may be different with the game being at Twickenham rather than Wembley but asking on the IS sub forum it seems that the Giant and Rams were given these 2 pubs as well. When I have been to these it's been a really good night and atmosphere.

There is also a VikingsUK group on facebook and they are arranging to meet up on that weekend so mightb e worth joining that as well.

Do you have a direct link to that page on FB?, cannot seem to find it on FB
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