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I started out as a Saints fan and will always have a soft spot for them but then I tended to support different teams each season depending on who I might see play etc. Today however I was talking with friends about potentially becoming a Jets fan for the long haul. My reasoning was simple....

The Jets are rebuilding and will be a young team going forward. For me it's much more rewarding to follow a team as it builds than it is to jump them as they peak.

NYC would be an awesome city to spend some time and MetLife supports tailgating.

They have a few interesting young players already and are almost certain to have early, interesting draft picks the next couple of seasons.

With early picks next season and no obvious choice at QB yet, they might be in a position to pick up Darnold next April who might just be the best QB to come out in recent years.

Travelling to MetLife is among the shortest journeys you can get and is among the cheapest journey's you can get, in terms of travelling over the pond for football.

I don't know but I imagine Jets tickets are easier to obtain than Giants plus while the Giants are an effective team I find them less than entertaining to watch at times. Plus the whole Beckham thing is old, I wish he would just play, the other stuff is off putting so of the two NYC teams the Jets get it for me.

In a couple of seasons that div is going to open right up for the first time in a long time, right as soon as Brady calls it a day.

While it might be a year early, now is a good time to invest interest in the Jets in my opinion.

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