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Originally Posted by RockyBalboa View Post
I think my line of thinking is how you would play Madden, not in the real world.

QB's have so much leverage. More than any other position in sports possibly.

He is probably asking for a humongous, long term deal. Their hope will be he doesn't regress....Then you've got a cap sapping contract to deal with.

He was third in passing yards during regular season last year. 3 in completions as well.

So yes I am being harsh I think. And he may not be the Redskins problem.
Yeah, I think there are two beliefs - broadly speaking, that are at the heart of this question.

1. Is a generalised misunderstanding of the market in terms of QB contracts.

I recall how long fans got on the Cutler deal. That's because our tendency is to look at the QBs 1-32 and say Rodgers/Brady should be top and then Cutler should be like 16th. But it's really a matter of when you sign and if the team considers you a QB they can't easily replace.

You basically get to take the top dollar once you are a commodity of any sort. It's more driven by what other QB needy teams would pay.

2. How rare Cousins' level of lay is.

This stems, in my opinion, from a faulty perception of how easy it is to find a top 16 QB. If you take the Bears as an example, Cutler holds practically every team record. The fact that he was never a top 10 QB is largely irrelevant. It's very hard to find a QB. Look at other teams.

Seattle - Wilson is probably already their best QB ever.
Atlanta - Matt Ryan is the best they've ever had.
Pittsburgh - Big Ben is #1 for me, but at worst he's #2.
Carolina - Newton is easily their best QB of all-time.
New Orleans - No debate. Brees.
San Diego - Rivers is #2 for me.
Arizona - Palmer is #3?
New England - Lol

The list is pretty crazy when you look at it. Obviously, there are exceptions like the Colts, and Packers. But they have been amazingly lucky.

There are the flip-side to that too. I mean the Browns is Easily Otto Graham and then Kosar. They've had no luck since. The Bears have had nobody forever (McMahon was never anything special) - Luckman! The Lions had Bobby Layne and I suppose Stafford is next, and he's only been good the past couple of years.

Anyway, I'm labouring the point. Finding good QB play is really hard. The skins have to consider Cousins the best they've had in 30 years. Pay the man!!!
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