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Originally Posted by boknows34 View Post
These massive $125m contracts look great on paper and make headlines but the only thing that really matters is the guaranteed money.

The Redskins could've signed Cousins last year to a long term 5 year contract with a guaranteed $44m, money which they'll end up paying him anyway in 2016 and 17. They could've structured it with a relatively small signing bonus (like the Raiders did with Carr) but then guaranteed his basic salary for the first two years of his contract.

If they'd done that the Redskins would've given themselves much more flexibility. By front loading most of the guaranteed money, you give yourself a get-out clause with minimal damage to any future dead money if Cousins turned out to be a dud. And if Cousins is the real deal then you still have a franchise QB under contract for another 3-4 years.

It's worth noting that the Raiders are possibly the Gold Standard for intelligent use of bonus money. How things have changed.

We debate contracts all the time. But if you're one of those teams who have gutted their roster (Jags, Browns, 49ers in recent years) you can overpay everyone, front load the deal, the player gets paid, you pay now and can cut later. It's smart.

The issue is with teams who are already carrying lot of back-loaded, and re-structured deals.

Also, I think it won't be long until we see some fully guaranteed deals that are lower overall value.
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