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If Mike Glennon can earn $15m on the open market then I'd say $25m for a franchise QB is actually a bargain. That $10m is the difference between 5-11 and looking for another unproven QB in the draft or a playoff team at 11-5. A lot of teams waste more than $10m every year in cap space on dead money alone.

The reason it isn't more than $25m is that franchise QBs in their prime never reach the open market. How much do you think cap rich teams like the Browns or 49ers would offer an Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr or Russell Wilson if they were unrestricted free agents? $40m at least I'd say. Perhaps even more.

The salary cap increases again this season by $12m to $167m. By the time the Raiders move to Vegas in 2020, Carr's cap hit will be $20m while the cap could realistically reach $200m by then. Paying a franchise QB approx 10-15% of the cap is a steal.
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