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Default The uniforms thread

I am sure I am not the only one who takes an interest in the uniform match-ups when the teams take the field. I thought we could have a thread on which to discuss uniforms, whether that is styles, colours, jersey/pant combinations, or whether you like/hate new designs or colour rush uniforms, or what you think of certain teams going for white at home during the warm weather.

Rather than nick someone else's work I will post a link here to another forum where they have rather nicely put together what they think/know are the uniform match-ups for week 3.

As you can see, the Jags are sticking to the Wembley tradition of black at home despite it being a September game where back in Jacksonville at this time of year they would still wear white.

Rams look to be going all yellow and the Niners all black for Thursday's colour rush.

Only the Panthers and Chargers have chosen to wear whites at home for the warm weather this week. The Titans have often continued wearing white at home throughout September in the past but after doing so in week 1 at home to the Raiders they have gone back to navy this week against the Seahawks. The Eagles have also often worn white for a home opener but after 2 road games to start the season they are going straight to green for the visit of the Giants.

The Bears are wearing their throwbacks with the orange numbers at home to the Steelers. That is a pretty cool uniform matchup!
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