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Originally Posted by mattchew View Post
A little off topic and my fault for not really paying attention, but I bought my 1st jersey in the off season, a #13 Thomas in black.

The collar is the same since Nike took over but I noticed that this year they have changed to a more pleasing look

I know fanatics obviously wanted to shift redundant stock, but still annoying!

For the Saints I like white Jersey and black pants, mainly due I suppose , to the super bowl combo.
I like the Saints white jersey plus gold pants look the best, I think. White jersey, black pants is OK, but I'm really not a fan of the black on black combo - same for the Bengals.

What do you think of the Saints ditching the white at home for the first half of the season now? They used to do it but this year it's black all season. I guess in a dome there is no real advantage but it's a throwback to their days outdoors in the hot Louisiana autumn sun.
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