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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
Aye. Well it's all about choice and preference. If the Steelers are playing I'm there and buying a ticket in row 1 if I can! If the Steelers happen to be on TNF/SNF/MNF and there's no clash and no family stuff planned that afternoon then I'll also go along gladly and I'm sure I'll have an enjoyable afternoon. But I'm now past the point where I'll go to see neutral teams in London just because it's a game, and miss my own team's game or half of it for the privilege. It's the same as a Man United fan living in Kings Cross who doesn't bother going to Arsenal games that are only 3 miles away, I guess.
More like a Man Utd fan in New York City, and the EPL were taking regular season soccer games to Metlife for ten years. The NYC Man Utd fan had, for a few years, toddled along to see Everton v Spurs or whoever, and enjoyed seeing English fitba’, but eventually just wanted to see Man Utd, so went onto the EPL’s Stateside fan forum to whinge about it.

Only joshing mate!
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