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Originally Posted by paulwebster09 View Post
Interesting that all three home teams were forced to come over as per the rules (well technically not the Jags) rather than volunteer to give up a home game.
This is likely to be more of an issue I think. Most teams don't want to do it, it's often the same few (be that here or Mexico) and with the exception of the Jags and the occasional one-off volunteer it's mostly teams that are forced to do it. The problem is that we are in unusual times right now: we currently have 3 teams in flux. All waiting for a new stadium before moving / having moved. Once those teams have moved they won't be giving up new stadiums. I think we've probably had our fill of NFL franchise relocations for a while. What then? The Super Bowl rule is only so much help... 1 stadium a year hosts the Super Bowl. The NFL needs multiple games per year played overseas.

At some point I feel they will need to move to a different model, either a franchise (no more issues with deciding who gives up a home game) or a 17th regular season game and each team plays at a neutral venue somewhere, be that overseas or at a college venue.
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