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Originally Posted by pozbaird View Post
I have to say, why should there even be a discussion about Spurs ST holders getting any sort of preferential treatment for NFL tickets? It was clear from the discussion between Levy and the bloke from Wembley that in future, Wembley and the new Spurs ground will be competing for events... so, I guess that both stadiums could try to host Foo Fighters gigs, or a U2 stadium show, NFL games or a big Anthony Joshua fight.... whatever.

This looks like two big venues fighting to get business. Why do Spurs soccer fans even come into the discussion for getting any sort of first dibs on briefs for the Foos, a boxing match or the NFL?

What’s it got to do with them?
Completely agree with this. Thought it was absolutely ridiculous that its even being contemplated. If I had a Spurs ST, it wouldn't even enter my mind that I may get early priority to NFL tickets. Crazy situation. Theres already only going to be limited tickets left for the Seahawks - Raiders game anyway due to NFL season tickets.
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