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Originally Posted by scarpa96 View Post
Couple of questions

Last year was my first time as a season ticket holder, do I need to anything other than wait for news on the 18th in regards to renewing it?

Last year I got two season tickets on my account, one was for a friend, don't think he will be able to make it this year so can I just renew one season ticket or will it have to be the two I got last year?
Typically you can keep your seat but drop the quantity in the first sales window, are renewing after all eg 2014 i had 3 which i dropped to 2 for 2015.
If you were to want to increase, you would have to wait until the 2nd window, once all STHs have renewed their seats. You would then have the choice of remaining unretained seats. From experience in 2015 i went from 2 seats to 4 but moved to the opposite side of the stadium in order to get 4 together for the price i wanted.

Hope that helps
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