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Originally Posted by RichardCunliffe View Post
Darren Woodson is your Strong Safety. To replace him at CB, the Cowboys All time leaders in INT's are Mel Renfro (52) or Everson Walls (44)? Renfro went to 10 Pro Bowls (back when they meant something).

The DT's pick themselves. The DE's? There are plenty but it's tough to argue against the 2 you have.

People won't agree with me, but i'd stick Sean Lee in that empty LB spot. His injuries are impossible to ignore, but when he's healthy he's immense, so good at reading the game. It's tough for me to say I've watched a better Cowboys LB over the last 25 years.

I'd go with Tyron and Zack at LT & RG. If they stay healthy (perhaps a big IF in Tyron's case) then they will match up to any O lineman (a ring or two would help matters too). These things are tough because active players always suffer, time works in most players favour.

Bob Hayes at WR2? An Olympic 100m gold medallist who could catch? Yes please.

McBriar has the edge over Chris Jones as it stands at P.....or put Danny White in there, he might only have the 2nd most punting yards in Cowboys history (24,000) but he threw for almost 22,000 yards too!
Good one but i think i might move Williams to LT for Rayfield Wright at RT
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