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Originally Posted by Mjoliver View Post

has anyone had any joy bypassing the sunday night blackouts using a VPN? I have Pure VPN and have tried connecting to the UK server, which still shows the blackouts, and the US server, which won't let you access the gamepass service as it detects you are outside Europe.

Alternatively does anyone know a country in Europe that has access to all of the games live?

Sorry if this has been asked before... I tried to search the forum, but it won't let me search for 'vpn' as it's too short.

VPN doesn't work anymore. As long as you are within a Gamepass country, the system is not about where you are now but where you bought your package. So if you bought in Germany, you can still watch all the games when you are in the UK; if you bought in the UK, the Sky game is blacked out even if you are in Germany one week.

The only unresolved question is whether you can get around it from the beginning by using a VPN to buy Gamepass from a country without blackouts, e.g. Germany. And that I don't know. Is it as simple as a VPN at the time of purchase, or would you also need a German billing address for the credit card?
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