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Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post
Chargers/Packers feels like a Fox "game of the week" or primetime match up so maybe not a game the NFL will move to the early window.
I would agree with this. The thing with the Chargers and road team fans in their stadium is that the takeovers aren't limited to the Packers. The stadium was red for the Chiefs and Niners games this year, orange when the Broncos came, Raiders fans take it over, Eagles fans did the same last year. Quite a few fanbases would do the same. So I don't think this would be a major factor in picking which game it is.

They shouldn't make west coast teams play UK afternoon games anyway in my opinion. 10am local time should be the earliest kickoff, i.e. the same as an eastern time zone road game. Eastern/central teams should be given the afternoon UK time kickoffs.
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