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Interesting selection of games. I'll probably go to 1 or 2 but I'll wait to see the schedule and whether it clashes with the Steelers or not as I won't miss a Steeler game for anything. Disappointed we aren't coming over but if anything the rumours I was hearing were Mexico, and even those proved to be false.

Of these games they all look to have some merit at this stage and in each there's one team I've seen before and one I have not, so something new to look forward to. Speculating on best/worst games is a mug's game. By the time the season rolls around the picture could have shifted markedly, and what looks good on paper doesn't necessarily make the most entertaining game. I went to the least attractive game in terms of fans demand last year, Titans-Chargers, and it was easily the most entertaining game. So I'm pretty relaxed about it. It's a nice afternoon out and I'll make my decision later in the year.
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