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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
I know this place needs fixing, but surely it's relevant to put this info up?

On the forum versus social media thing, I hate social media and refuse to use it. Twitter is useful for some info, like following Rapoport or Schefter, but why would I want to post anything myself and why would anyone care about my tweets? I shut down my Facebook account last year and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel mentally much better for it - it's so negative. If people want to find out what I am doing now they must come and talk to me. Those who do - great. We are probably better at communicating directly now (rather than these horrible show-off life propaganda posts that people do to tell everyone how marvellous everything is). Those who don't come and talk to me - cut loose and no loss there.

For the NFL, I find the level of discussion on social media so shallow and simple. It's depressing. Forums allow us to actually have a proper debate, with reasoned arguments mostly rather than just an emoji, a gif and an insult. So this place should be important to cultivate that. But it clearly isn't... These days I mostly talk NFL with friends on whatsapp groups. Not quite the detail of a forum but better than social media.
It's a bit off topic, but I still use FB, but I do not feel any urge to comment on any big events/topics whatsoever, just because of the things you mentioned. (negative etc.)
However, it keeps me in touch (cheap way) with my friends overseas in the US. Which I can't always afford to call, not to mention the 6hrs time difference.

And now ON topic. Tampa Bay for me! Without a doubt. I've been wanting to go for years! (even before Super Bowl XXXVII), and didn't have the chance first, but now I do! So I'm a happy person today!
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