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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
I know this place needs fixing, but surely it's relevant to put this info up?

On the forum versus social media thing, I hate social media and refuse to use it. Twitter is useful for some info, like following Rapoport or Schefter, but why would I want to post anything myself and why would anyone care about my tweets? I shut down my Facebook account last year and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel mentally much better for it - it's so negative. If people want to find out what I am doing now they must come and talk to me. Those who do - great. We are probably better at communicating directly now (rather than these horrible show-off life propaganda posts that people do to tell everyone how marvellous everything is). Those who don't come and talk to me - cut loose and no loss there.

For the NFL, I find the level of discussion on social media so shallow and simple. It's depressing. Forums allow us to actually have a proper debate, with reasoned arguments mostly rather than just an emoji, a gif and an insult. So this place should be important to cultivate that. But it clearly isn't... These days I mostly talk NFL with friends on whatsapp groups. Not quite the detail of a forum but better than social media.
Wow someone else who shares my view on social media. It one big show-off for people and that has killed it for me.

Re the 4 games, I was hoping to reduce my attendance this year but they all look good in their own way (I have missed 3 games in total so far) . Will def do the Jags and Bucs (for the new teams) and may well do at least one more depending on timings. Its so much easier if they are spread out!
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