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Default think we have been done!

thought i should let you all know my story and see if this has happened to anyone else.

Was at the Oakland Miami game this year and whilst at Reagent Street I spent £270 on jerseys for the family and other merchandise.
I already had a Nike Game jersey from the USA which I bought over there the year before and wanted another so bought a Cameron Wake jersey.
The first thing I noticed was the difference in the screen printing on the jersey. The USA jersey was a softer plyable numbering whilst the UK jerseys where very stiff and plastic – basically really cheap.

Anyway after getting home the jersey was washed according to instructions and put away in a wardrobe. On using the jersey again a week later I noticed the numbers had stuck together (it was folded up) and on peeling them apart the numbers distorted. I tried NFLShop Europe and Nike but neither accepted responsibility – Nike even claiming the stalls where not official resellers – eventually someone at IVS Group agreed to replace it with a new Tannehill jersey. This jersey arrived yesterday and the numbering was the same as the USA jersey. On seeing this difference I checked my daughters youth jersey and found it had done the same so that is now going back.

Bottom line is it looks like someone at either NFL Europe, Nike or IVS has tried to sell cheaply made jerseys to the UK fans that are far inferior in quality to the jerseys sold to the American fans in the hope that we will not know any better. A really poor advert and way to treat the UK fans. I know for one I will not be purchasing any more merchandise at these games in future – its amazing how all the companies involved seemed to try and pass the buck. NFL Europe said ‘not our problem’ – Nike said ‘not official resellers’ – IVS at first said ‘speak to the others’ before agreeing the change. I just wonder how many other fans have had issues without knowing that they have bought what I consider ‘knock off’ goods.

it is just so poor that the NFL or someone else could try and treat us this way to make some extra cash.
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