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Originally Posted by DeeFunct View Post
It hasn't taken long for either coaches to move onto pastures anew, Shanahan (OC), Lefleur (QB Coach), Turner (RB Coach), McDaniel (Offensive Assistant). Despite this exodus, it hasn't stopped Dan Quinn from wielding the axe either, with both Smith (DC) and Cox (DL Coach) being shown the door.

The Falcons have some new faces in place already, Steve Sarkisian is the new OC, Keith Carter (RB Coach), Bryant Young (DL Coach) and a strong possibility that Marquand Manuel will be promoted to DC, leaving the post of QB coach to fill.

I won't lie, I am somewhat concerned about the revolving door that is the Falcon's coaching staff. It's been proven that consistency at this level is key for success. What are your thoughts on how much these changes will impact our 2017 season? Negative or positive?
Seems strange to blow up the whole set up when you were arguably two plays from winning the Super Bowl.

Shanahan is no loss... I blame him for the shambles that let NE in anyway!

But I agree with you consistency is key. You were brilliant to watch this year and did so much right and to be honest you have been building nicely for years and whilst I haven't followed closely the staffing changes in previous years I do find it strange to blow it all up right now.

I hope the same thing doesn't happen to the roster as I think its a pretty darn good one that should have won a ring!

Missing ring episode for sure???
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