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Originally Posted by GBPacker View Post
This is a great thread. I take it that you are chronicling each team depending on how strong or weak a particular conference is, at least on paper.
I will keep reviewing this thread right from the start, irrespective of how many pages should I have to trawl through, in the coming weeks. It's about time there was such an item, I've been waiting years for this, and I'm looking forward to the SEC, Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12 entries.
Oh, and don't forget the indies as well...
I started with Sun Belt based upon Costal Carolina being the newest team, I'll go to Conference USA next, based upon UAB being the "newest" team next. After that it's pretty much a coin toss, but I'll cover all G5 before P5, and Notre Dame will come along with the rest of the independents, who I'll count as G5.
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