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Originally Posted by RockyBalboa View Post
I think people should take the plunge and put more opinion threads on the NFL Season section.

We have so many different sections on the forum I don't think there is a central point for viewing. It is a bit of a mishmash.

I spend most of my time in the lower sections about entertainment etc as it is more or less guaranteed to have new content. Where as the top section rarely has new stuff.

I don't think I've ever made a thread in NFL Season. It kind of has an aura that only big, big stories can have a thread.

I think NFL season could be changed to a title such as "All things NFL" or something.
I agree that the NFL season section has lost its relevance. It was always about discussing news as it came up but (and I can understand why) generic threads such as the off season thread were created and resulted in where most comment and opinion was then posted.

I personally not a fan of the Hurt or Heal games. Again if it generates interest fine, just not my cuppa as I really don't know what it sets out to achieve and moves away from actually discussing the game

The recent mock draft and all time draft threads was a real throwback. Opinion and discussion had in a considered and friendly way.

But my main issue is that the forum for a newbie isn't easy to find. It does not have its own section on the homepage (probably deliberate) and instead is tucked away on a drop down menu under the disconcertingly vague More+ heading.
I guarantee that many visiting the site who'd contribute to a forum don't even know one exists on this site

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