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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
The thing is, why would you cheat with this? You take a non-performance enhancing drug more than you should, knowing full well that (A) athletes have already tested for this before, e.g. Ulissi, Petacchi and been banned for it, and (B) that when you are the race leader, as Froome was at the time, you will, 100%, be tested that day. I believe that in stage races they always test the first 3 on each stage, the overall leader and 3 other people (not sure if random or not). Hardly the modus operandi of the smartest, most sophisticated team in cycling, always pushing the limits of sports science, is it?

So for that reason I don't believe this was some underhand thing. And I am far from being a fan of Froome or Sky, for the record, in fact I enjoy seeing them beaten.

The thing I am more worried about is whether people freak out and it seriously damages the sport. Cycling isn't like football or the is more like Google or Facebook, in that those who consume it, the fans, don't really pay to enjoy it. There are no gate receipts, there are no expensive satellite TV sports channel deals, the teams don't get the TV money there is anyway, the races do. Basically, it is overwhelmingly financed through advertising. That is how the races get the money to organise, and how the teams exist - usually 100% funded by commercial backers. If Sky as a company walks away and no other sponsor can be found, then the team is finished. If other sponsors walk away, races could fold and many riders could find themselves without a job as the teams cease to exist.

Of course, many of the doping cases in the past - and whatever is going on with Froome is nothing like those - were at least partly to blame on the flimsy commercial nature of the sport. If you know that the team could fold if you don't cheat to get results, and not only you about maybe 100 people lose their jobs because of it (other riders, managers, masseurs, mechanics, doctors, chefs, bus drivers, media/press people, marketing etc etc) you might just do that. Imagine if Manchester United were actually called Team Chevrolet and the whole thing survived exclusively on Chevrolet's money and then the company decided to pull out. That's cycling, basically.
Yeah I don't think it was done maliciously or to gain an unfair advantage, looks more like an amateurish mistake, possibly something as daft as forgetting he had taken a previous dose (seems odd that he measured double the allowed dosage) and you would think a professional organisation like Sky would be on top of that kind of thing.
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