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I think city will make plenty of signing because this situation is a bit of an oddity where other clubs who have received investment have still had limitations but the group investing in City seem to be doing it purely for the entertainment value. In football money talks and if you are willing to pay over the odds to both the player and his club there is every chance they sign whoever they want within reason.

I doubt they will get many of the above names because Mark Hughes is no idiot and many of those names are simply not appropriate or much better than what they have.

I strongly doubt they will get Kaka, certainly not in January but you just never know with all of the money they have.

I wouldn't be surprised if they went after Podolski or Schwiensteiger (although I suspect he may go to Madrid along with Arshavin in Jan) both of whom have expressed an interest in leaving Bayern.

They really need a striker and I wonder how long it will be before names like Benzema crop up. City certainly appear to have the resources.
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