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Originally Posted by mde203 View Post
It's a stupid criticism brought up by those who don't understand the game. Scoring rates are largely irrelevant in Test cricket, and his is hardly 20. Trott's strike rate is 48. Compare that to Jaques Kallis, possibly the best batsman on the past decade, at 45.

Besides, he has shown that he can score at a run a ball if he needs to. Same with Cook, he's not a slow player. It's just that neither are big hitters in the Pietersen/Morgan mould, so therefore they are labelled slow and boring.

Give me a side of Trotts and Cooks any day.
Agree with all of that. Especially as we have one or two dashers down the order in Morgan and Swann.

Whats everyones opinion on Morgan? Its very early days but at the moment I think hes a bit of a poor mans Neil Fairbrother. It will be interesting to see how he does against better bowlers later in the summer. Providing of course that he doesn't keep coming in at 400/4!
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