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For me it was my perception of the city from seeing live and let die as a 12 year old impressionable kid.

Also the fact that they had been a hopeless franchise for their entire existence up until then. My British support of the underdog prevented supporting anyone with a great history.

Why should you support them? I don't know. Each franchise is unique in its own way and all fan bases would claim to be the best.

I do think we'll be competitive this year, barring injuries. Last year our games were mostly close run shoot outs and if you like high scoring pass heavy offences then you'll love the Saints. If your a defensive minded fan, then they're not for you, although part of my optimism is that the D will improve.

Michael Thomas is an exciting young talent at WR who makes up for the loss of Cooks who will be replaced into this offence through the draft.

Good luck in your search for a team.
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