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Originally Posted by wayne ellis View Post
Open to all suggestions on this btw! Always the toughest part of the process, and unless you have the enormously improbable scenario of having one fan of each of the 32 teams involved, I don’t think there’s a perfect system...
tbh, my two cents, I would probably just go with the suggestion of first come first served - has worked well previously.
Just state a day/time that you are going to put the post up and people who have already signed up in this thread can pick a team then.
Plenty will not be bothered what team so can just be assigned/offered whats left - and are often willing to swop with people who really want 'their' team.
Also some teams have multiple followers so they can agree beforehand if needed - for example, last year I did a chat beforehand with a couple of the Dolphins guys, I had done them the previous year so offered for them to take Dolphins last year if they wanted (think Crash took them) - all very amicable

Would also prob do it sooner rather than later to give us time to fill the remaining slots if any left over (easier when you know what teams are left)!
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