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Originally Posted by wayne ellis View Post
Tiebreaker rule is fine, as was Federer losing...

not sure why you dislike the GOAT but its silly Tennis had a good way to settle matches and messed it up.

its fine for the other sets but not the 5th.

and you know Novak was second best, he couldnt win a set without a tiebreaker.

Originally Posted by boknows34 View Post
Wimbledon wanted to avoid any more 28-26 scorelines in the 5th set and I can’t blame them. I’d maybe tweak the tie-break to the first to 12 points once the scores are tied at 12 games each.

if thats what it takes to separate 2 players then thats the time it should take, for the tournaments no one cares about its fine but at the top one it should be about being the best.
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