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I would Cadel Evans a favorite for the TdF this year with Contador not riding.

I had Evans down to win last year, but he just doesnt seem to have that killer instinct that previous winners have shown. He seems content to just sit most of the time, and when he did attack last year he didnt seem to be able to sustain it and keep going.
Schleck is an interesting choice - he'll certainly be up there but whether he can win is another thing (especially if he rides the Giro first)
Anyone else have a favourite rider or favourite big Tour moment?
My favourite rider was Pantani. The guy was just awesome as soon as the road went uphill - tragic demise though.

Favourite Tour moment has to be Stephen Roche and Pedro Delgado riding together in the mountains in about 1993 before they both retired. Delgado brilliantly pretended to have blown, then flew past Roche IIRC, although I dont think either took the stage. I have it on video somewhere still....2 of the greats.
Also, Gert Jan Theunisse and Steven Rooks tackling Alpe D'Huez together in the 80's.
Who can forget Chiappucci's ride to Sestriere in 92 aswell?!.....Brilliant!

My favourite rider was Lance Armstrong,what the guy did was just extraordinary.My favourite tour moment would be either when Armstrong went down,after hitting a spectator,and still went on to win the race or the sportsmanship that went on with Armstrong and Ullrich during the Tours.
Also,Piepoli in the races last year,he'd just put on the pressure and the field would be gone,apart from a few riders.Shame he cant time trial cos he's probably the best climber around
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