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Originally Posted by Cornishman32 View Post
Yeah of course we need all these things... but he asked are we being taxed too much for those things? I think we probably are. ...For starters, perhaps our taxes wouldn't be so high if we didn't keep getting involved in pointless wars (pointless in my humble opinion). ...And there are countless other ways in which the government wastes our money.

Oh Jeez... I agree with Lagunium... this thread can only be trouble. It's bound to end in tears!
Possibly we are but without a look at the books and honest accountants I dont kn ow how much the NHS costs us each year in real terms. . I agree with the wars thing although we DO need our forces and weaponry etc which can only come from our taxes. .

I dont know we do pay enough or maybe I should say I dont think the right people pay enough. . High end earners etc. . I know we are billions in debt and so we have a leaky tap somewhere and yet the Government still borrowed to get us out of recession. . maybe I just dont understand but when Im broke I stop spending and make do with what i have. . radical I guess but there it is. .

We all want these services and better care and delivery but then complain when they want to tax us. . I am a realist and know it hurts but it is a necessary evil. .
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